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Be protected against email scammers and viruses

Every who has a computer of internet connected device, is now more than ever at the risk of picking up a virus, or worst still downloading a sneaky backdoor virus that will not only push out spam but collect all your personal data. Identity theft is on the increase, so take precautons, becuase trying to recovery you after your identity has been stolen, will take all your time and effort, so make sure your Pc is updated with all the latest patches. Use a reputable Firewall and Virus protection. When using email, wether via the web or Outlook express, Thunderbird etc, do not open links, photos, or any attachments form people you know until you are satisfied it is genuine. The criminals send out thousand of emails, they only need to catch one in every thousand to make their scheme profitable. If you think you have been scammed, unplug the Pc from the internet and contact me. The most recent way of getting money from people is to ring your home phone, telling you your computer has been compromised. They will try and convince you by telling you to go the the computer and enter several commands which will purport to show that your pc is infected, when in fact it is not. DO NOT listen to them hang up. Another scam is from the criminals to tell you that they are Dc (someone) from your local police force and that your bank account has been illegaly got at in some way. They state they will be freezing the account today, but you still have time to withdraw all your cash and deposit it into a special account already set up for you, they give you the details, then they ask you to tranfer the cash Asap, and they they will later collect your credit cards for safe keeping. THIS IS A not listen to them, ring the police asap and report it.
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Data Recovery

Data recovery can be very expencive. If you require data recovery, For further details please Contact me.

Lost Passwords

If you’vr ever lost a password then you will know how devastating it can be. This is not a cheap exercise and you can expect to pay vast amounts for recovery. Contact me.
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