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My first journey into computers was way back in 1985, when a friend of mine decided to purchase a self build project. This was purchased from America and had to be put together (my friends work, was in Electronics and well qualified in that field) Having built this box of bits, he was sent a small screen monitor, when switched on it was a black screen with green text. The progamable side was saved on blank tapes, the sort you placed into a Sony Walkman. You then had to create your program No MS DOS available at this time. So by line numer, 5. a = 5, 10, b = 5, 15. c = a + b, 20 print c. This very simple code when run printed the answer 10 on the sceen. You then went on to create variation on a theme, and if like my firend he was able to create coloured backgrounds with moving objects, way beyond me unfortunately. I first purchased a computer just after my children went to Junior school. MS DOS 6.3 and WIndows 3.11 were arround (I still have that pc and it still works) I learned to programm MS DOS and use it to correct settings for the components that came out, as the Operating systems changed, so I found my skills were in demand at work with collegues. In 1991 I created Home Computer and from small beginnings etc.... I am now able to offer a wide range of computer care. For more information please Contact me.
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