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Computer Repairs

Repairing a computer can be just straight forward. It can be a simple, cannot boot problem to the sound not working or graphics card failure. Don’t let small problems get bigger, seek help. Home Computer can help no matter what the problem. Contact me.

Password Recovery

Passwords are the bain of peoples lives, it seems we can’t live without them. Make them hard and unique they say, Uge34vFt_kL etc You try rembering 2, 3 or 4 of those, it’s almost impossible unless you have a photgraphic memory. My answer is yes you can, I personally have over 115 passwords for me and my family to use. I use a Password manager, Password Tracker Deluxe, it costs just $19 or £12.15p it’s well worth it. If you require password recovery Contact me.

Health Checks

I am sure most of us go to the doctors for health check ups and we take our car in for a service now and again. But it seems that your computer gets forgotten about. Your computer need a check up more often than you think. Finding your computer is getting slower and taking longer to do stuff. Then it is probably time to get it looked at. Contact me.

Data Recovery & Backup

Data is your most precious comodity. All the large organisations are trying to get you to use ‘The Cloud’ or what every they call it . It is just a vast array of linked computers hidden away somewhere in ICELAND (to keep their system cool). Their is another way that is at home with you, if this is what you need then Contact me. If you think your hard drive has failed, do not despair, Data recovery can be done, it’s not cheap, but if that data is sentimental (photos) or personal (finance, letters or emails) then Home Computer can help. Contact me.

Software Installation

Software installation can be straight forward, but can catch even the most IT aware person out. Got problems Email me. If you require the Operating System to be reinstalled and you are not sure how to go about it Contact me.

Custom Builds

Are you a Gamer wanting the latest in equipment, then you need Home Computer. I will resourse all your requirments and check with you before I order. Nothing is to big, from a new home Pc to the large gaming machines, air cooled or water cooled. Single graphics card to the mind blowing three or four graphic cards all linked together for the most awsome graphics. I have built games computers for several clients. Contact me.
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Home Computer is able to offer all the below services, and more. For further information, Please Contact me.