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The Children

Matthew Katherine Christopher Alexandre Nicole

Matthew my eldest son died on 18th June 2019, I miss him deeply. Katherine has three children, Joshua, Maise and Jamie, Katie is currently working as a Community Midwife. Christopher has a Flat in Hitchin and is Living with his Girlfirend Fran. Chis is now the Manager of his Barber shop in Harpenden. Alexander has just become Head of Year in maths at a School in Luton. He hand his wife Vikki have three children, Jack, Poppy and Daisy. Nicole was working for Ted Bker in London Head Office, and then moved to Hotel Chocolat for short time, and also worked for Acado. Nicole has now changed her working life direction, she is now a qualified as a Nail Beauty Technicion, working in Hitchin. Nicole now lives in her own flat, also in Hitchin